Friday, May 29, 2009

Alaska Cruise - Day 2 Saturday May 23

I started the day with a short jog on a tread mill and walk on deck. Stayed on deck and took some pictures of the scenery. We passed another cruise ship that was coming from the opposite direction. Took some pictures of a cute light house and one of the towns on one of the islands we passed. After lunch relaxed and got familiar with the different things on the ship.

Sue and Mom went to hear Moses Wassile the ship's native Alaskan speak about the traditions of his people and other Alaskan tribes as well as the wildlife of the area. They then went to the Culinary Arts Center where they learned about Alaskan cuisine. While Sue went back to our room to rest, Mom and I went the the book signing party. The captain signed all our Alask Tour Books.

Food is available almost anytime of the day. There is the open seating dinning where it is buffet style dinning. Then there is the Rotterdam dinning room, where it is a formal style restaurant. You are seated with other people which give everyone the opportunity to meet someone new. Then there is the Pinnacle Grill, which is a small formal restaurant. You must have reservations and it is very personal and elegant dinning. Tonight we ate in the Rotterdam Restaurant. We ate with three ladies from Kentucky and a couple from Ohio. After Dinner, we went to see the movie Valkyrie and then Sue and I went to the Crow's Nest where they had a live band and dancing.

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